Teams / Crews

A Dedicated Team

Today, as in the past, our people are the key to our success. Combining years of experience with professional skills, the Erickson team is committed to customer satisfaction from design to framing. The average length of service for field superintendents at Erickson is more than 16 years, and our job foremen average more than than 11 years.


Erickson’s framing designers build precision and efficiency into every cut and joint. We use computer-assisted design processes to:

  • Analyze your plans
  • Maximize structural design
  • Guarantee the best use of materials
  • Ensure energy efficiency
  • Deliver manufacturing specifications to our plant and accurate working plans to framing crews.


Our design team is ready to help you with any need, including value engineering projects.  Our in-house design and engineering teams put 38 years of experience into panelized framing systems that are built to last.  We understand that a meticulous design leads to a smooth construction process and less time spent on the job.


The longevity of our crew members speaks for itself: on average, Erickson field superintendents serve for more than 16 years. Our job foremen typically have been with us for more than 11 years.  For you, that experience translates to precision, speed and dimensional stability. After more than 100,000 framing projects, our people know how to get the job done right. In many cases, our crews complete the job and are off your site in two to three days.