Design Services

Design Services

Erickson’s framing designers build precision and efficiency into every cut and joint.

We use computer-assisted design processes to:
  • Analyze your plans
  • Maximize structural design
  • Guarantee the best use of materials
  • Ensure energy efficiency
  • Deliver manufacturing specifications to our plant and accurate working
    plans to framing crews

In short, our computer-assisted designs help us solve problems before they become problems on the job site.

Forward Thinking
Every time we learn something new about your preferences, we incorporate that idea into the next home we frame for you. Our design team is ready to help you with any need, including value engineering projects. With over 35 years of framing history, we understand that a meticulous design leads to a smooth construction process and less time spent on the job.

We Proudly Support our Veterans

Erickson Framing salutes the brave men and women who protect our freedom.